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First day to classes

September 23, 2008
Today I went to all of my classes for the first time.  I’m probably gonna enjoy Photo Dark Room  and Volleyball, but I’m not so sure that I’m excited about my College Algebra and U.S History class…  I guess I will do fine with history since all we have to do is read and write essay.  The thing that bother me the most right now is math, because I haven’t done any kind of math class for 1 1/2 year now, so I kinda forgot…everything I know about math. Sigh~~~.
I got though my first math homework tho, somehow…gosh it took me a whole freaking day! So I guess I will have to read my history homework tomorrow =3= hehe.
I also bought a new SLR camera today!!! My Photo class require us to get one.  Most of my classmate already own one since its not their first time taking a photo class, but its my first time, so go figure >.<  I have to say that I’m loving this camera tho.  It’s made in 1970 and it look hella tight!
Tomorrow is gonna be my first day using it, I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!
Oh, almost forgot. I found this very interesting metal fish looking thing today in my school’s Library today, so i took a quick snapshot of it. (i edited with Photoshop a bit, just changed the lighting thats all)
(notice I tried to use correct grammar today?  I need to practice my grammar so i decided to start from here ^^)
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