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To Love -Ru END!

September 28, 2008
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I just watched the last episode of To Love-Ru.  In the end Rito successfully reach the spaceship and “saved Lala”. After that Lala’s dad made them get marry, but of course Rito still doesn’t want to marry Lala even tho he admitted that he like Lala (which I don’t really get, I mean, COME ON! Lala is so much prettier than Haruna). So in respect of Rito, Lala cancelled the engagement, but that will cause the destruction of earth. That is when Lala activated Bye Bye Memory-Kun to save the earth (almost like the manga…which is good ^o^), but it failed… as always… everone still remember her the next day ( I think that Lala’s dad thought that the device worked, so he left earth)…just like in the manga, hahaha. (if you want to know the detail than…GO WATCH THE ANIME!)

The anime over all is pretty good, but if they actually fallowed the story line of the manga~it would probably be better.  I give To Love-Ru (anime) a 9 out of 10.

I’m gonna share some of my Lala picture collection with you guys to honor the last episode of the series.

Cosplay cafe Lala

Playboy Golden Darkness

Lala & Haruna


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