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15 iMAC Vs PC & PS3 VS Wii

October 6, 2008

Since my sister just got an iMAC Notebook from her friend as a birthday present for turning 21 a few weeks ago, I got to have her old notebook for school stuff now. After getting the old notebook that my sister had,  I have been wondering what is the different between a Mac and a PC?  So I searched it up on youtube and got this. (^.^)

Which is really interesting.

For those of you who are thinking about getting a new Desktop or Laptop, I suggest you guys to get an iMAC too.  (I’m probably goona get a Mac if I’m getting a new computer next time.


Here is another one that is PS3 VS Wii

hahaha, I feel like getting a wii now (>.<) but I already got a PS3 though (=3=).

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