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Disgaea Enta Fanart

October 26, 2008

I Just finished the series few weeks ago.  It was okay, not great, think I will like the game better though (>.>).  The main reason I watched the anime was because I saw a picture of Enta somewhere on the internet XD.  She is my favor character in the anime and in the game (>.<).  Anyway, here is the fan art of Enta I did.

She only too me like 3 hours to finish, first time shading my anime drawing too, think it turned out to be pretty good (^.^).

I also apology for my lack of posting on my blog these day.  I was too busy with school work and I felt too lazy (=.=)  To show how sorry I am, here is some picture of my favor female anime characters!

This is Blair from the manga/anime Soul Eater (just finished the manga series and now catching up with the anime series)

This is the first and only place I would put this picture since I wasn’t planning on sharing it (Its my favor anime picture right now) (M.M from the anime Kemeko DX)

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