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Yozakura Quartet

November 11, 2008


Opening Song

Story Line:

Sakurashin is a place where humans and youkai (spiritual ghost thing) coexist in harmony, surrounded by seven gigantic wood pillars, the nana-gou, that form a magical barrier protecting the city. The story revolves around a quartet of teenaged heroes: A super-strong girl named Hime, a mind reader named Ao, a conjurer named Kotoha and an ordinary, powerless boy named Akina. The three girls and Akina protect the city of Sakurashin from supernatural threats.



A young high schooler with super natural human powers. who assumed the role of mayor of the city when she was a child. In the manga she uses a Lacrosse racket as her weapon. Whilst in the anime she uses a condensable spear. She appears to have a secret affection towards Akina

Ao (my favor character)


Possibly the youngest member of the team. She has cat ears and the ability to read people’s thoughts. She also has a stronger version called “Satellite” which can read the thoughts of everyone in the city at once. In the manga, she happens to a glutton like Hime but not very often.



Possibly the eldest member and a former human. She is a Language-user (Kotodama tsukai) who can summon things when emphasizing words.



A young man in employ of the city. He is able to do “tuning”, an ability that can send back a youkai to their world. In the manga, he only use it from the second volume onward. In the anime, he can use it starting on the first episode.

The Whole Crew!


my comment:

Just one word “GREAT“.  The Whole story’s layout make it easy to understand, and the graphic is really good as well.  The character design was VERY original, and come on! Who doesn’t love a Nekimimi with blue hair and blue eyes? I give it a 9/10

Ending Song

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