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Photo darkRoom’s Final Project

December 8, 2008

So here is my final for my photo class this term.  I have been spending A LOT of time on it.  I spent at least 45 hours last week in the darkroom printing these, and when I got home around 6pm, I usually smell like chemicals.

Anyway, the piece is a documentary on the tigers that live in Oregon Zoo that is located near Portland.  Enough talking I guess, here is my work.  (there is an artist statement that I typed up for class at the end)

Oregon Zoo Tiger Documentary


10:40am Enter their viewing area


11:10am Nap time


1:40pm A wake up yawn


2:00pm Wondering around


3:00pm Waiting for lunch


3:50pm Last nap before closing

Artist Statement for Final Project

The idea for this piece was inspired by the tigers that I saw when I first went to the Oregon Zoo in Portland. I have always been interested in tigers when I was little and I got really excited when I notice the tigers in Oregon Zoon were pretty active. That was the main reason why I wanted to do a documentary on them, since the other zoos that I have been visiting over the years in California, their animals weren’t very active. Maybe it’s because of the weather, since its cooler in Oregon.

I spent sever hours in the zoo for this project, from 9am opening time to 4pm when the zoo closes. I was sitting right in front of the tigers’ exhibit on a bench with my camera and zoom lens ready to take some picture. When the zoo first opened at 9am they weren’t out yet. They came out to their exhibit around 10:40 am. The tiger we have in Oregon Zoon are the Siberian Tigers. There is less that 400 Siberian Tigers that is out in the wild right now. They are also to be considered the largest the largest tiger in the world right now.

This project is the first one that I matt. It’s quit a new experience. I was glade how there is no dust spot in my negative, and my print came out perfect. That saved me a lot of time since I wouldn’t need to spot my pictures. However, even though most of my negatives turn out great, there was one that I didn’t develop long enough, and that cause the negative to be too light to print. Nevertheless, overall I was happy to see how this project turned out.

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