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Wanko to Kurasou

December 15, 2008

This is the FIRST Visual Novel that I played.  I really have to thank Aminanto for introducing this game to me.  I couldn’t really compare how good this game is since it’s the first one I played.  However, I still think it’s a pretty decent game.  I would recommended to people who like animal girls like Inumimi or Nekomimi, and also loli.

The game base around a world were humans and Anthropoid animals coexist.  Anthropoid animals are pets like cats and dogs, but instead of their original forms, they look like humans.

The main Character Yuuichi is a college student and a cram schoolteacher.  The story mainly surround on how he found a lost  Anthropoid animal call Mikan (the orange Inumimi above), and how his life was changed because of that.  The game has two routes, each focusing primarily on one or two characters: The Nadeshiko route, and the Risa route.

Who wouldnt want a pet like these?

Who wouldn't want a pet like these?

    The lovely Risa, I suggest you all to play her route first

The lovely Risa, I suggest you all to play her route first

    During the game you also get to help pets to treat their heat problems

During the game you also get to help "pets" to treat their heat problems

The great thing about this game is that, you don’t just get to have a relationship with just one person, but you also get to “help” the Anthropoid animals to solve heat problems.

For more detail info on the game you can go to wiki

This is the Opening song of the game

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  1. xialith permalink
    December 15, 2008 4:51 am

    l want to play too ^^” and the opening song is cool XD do you have the song in full or the original sound track? and please tell me where l can download the game XDXD

    • dave permalink
      September 23, 2010 11:40 am

      erm has it

  2. thehangerbay permalink
    December 15, 2008 9:22 am

    LOL help them treat their heat problems???

    Game looks good though.

  3. March 22, 2009 10:30 am

    Hey, what’s the theme called? 😮

  4. Mazze permalink
    June 11, 2009 12:16 am

    I almost cryd wenn Mikan was found/came back to Yuichi i felt the tears in my eyes

  5. Mirror_Sound permalink
    January 23, 2011 7:08 pm

    This is my very first VN aswell. and I must say.. I LOVE IT! n_n
    I doubt much ppl will share my view on this game though. Its just becuz I relate to the protage so much its scary.. although i was not grown in a brothel. at the end when yusa cried somwhere inside of me found hope.
    cheezy? i can make it much more..

    • January 23, 2011 8:06 pm

      That is interesting. But yea, its a great game, cant say i relate to the protage must but overall the story is great and I love it!

  6. Smud Olenarp permalink
    May 15, 2012 3:13 pm

    Production value of this VN is high. Good voice acting and character sprite variety. I havent played enough to rate it for story, but at least i can sure as hell relate to this protagonist better than corny Shirou or bland Shiki.

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