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Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

December 26, 2008

Another winter anime caught my eyes today and that is Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo.

Title: Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo (Girl Who Leapt Through Space) (Sora Kake Girl)
Japanese Title: 宇宙をかける少女
Genre: Girls-with-Guns, ECCHI, Sci-Fi, Action, Drama
Premier: 5th January 2009
Director: Masakazu Obara
Original Creator: Hajime Yatate (basically Sunrise )
Animation Studio: Sunrise
Original Character Design: Kazuyuki Yoshizumi
Series Composition: Jukki Hanada
Character Design: Yousuke Kabashima
Mechanical design: Hiroyuki Ookawa (guest)
Naotake Furusato
Official Site:

Mako as Shishidou Akiha
Endo Aya as Kannagi Itsuki
Makino Yui as Kawai Honoka
Tamura Yukari as Shishidou Kazane
Yukana as Shishidou Takane
Nanri Yuuka as Shishidou Nami
Saito Momoko as Shishidou Sakura
Nanoka Ai as Shishidou Imoko
Kuroda Takaya as Soldier Ul
Coon as Okura Neneko

OP: “Hadaka Eve Shinseiki (裸々イヴ新世紀)” by ALI PROJECT
ED: “Sora wa Shōjo no Tomodachisa (宇宙は少女のともだちさ)” by Mako, Aya Endo, and Yui Makino

Plot: The story is set in the year 311 of the Orbital Calendar, when humanity has migrated to countless colony clusters in space. A space colony girl named Akiha Shishidō encounters a malevolent artificial intelligence named Leopard that has been installed on a colony. Akiha is joined by an Inter-Colony Police officer named Itsuki Kannagi, a taciturn young girl named Honoka Kawai, and a robot named Imoko “Imo-chan” Shishidō


My thoughts: Just from the preview I couldn’t tell much about this anime, but I’m still gonna watch it.  Mainly because of the storyline and the character’s design (it really grabbed my attention for some reason).

Some Image of this anime that I thought the viewers might enjoy.

She is Akiha Shishido-chan

She is Akiha Shishido-chan

From left to right is Itsuki Kannagi, Akiha Shishido, and Honoka Kawai

From left to right is Itsuki Kannagi, Akiha Shishido, and Honoka Kawai

Is it me or her suit look really similar with M.Ms suit from Kemeko Deluxes ?

Is it me or her suit look really similar with M.M's suit from Kemeko Deluxes ?

2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 26, 2008 12:50 pm

    I will be catching this one as well, and it is nice to see Saito Momoko come back, though I hardly thought she was good back in Solty Rei.

  2. thehangerbay permalink
    December 27, 2008 9:14 am

    Reminds me of pre-OYW Zeon tactics, but without all that somber death and destruction theme.

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