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Persona 4 (contain spoiler video)

January 5, 2009
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After talking to Amiantos online for hours about the game Persona 4 a couple days ago, I finally decided to go buy it today.


As I was wondering around toward the PS2 section in my local video game shop, GameStop, I notice that there isn’t any Persona 4 left on the shelf, so I asked the guy who worked there if there is any more left in the storage room.  After spending 20 minutes standing in front of their front desk he finally came back.  He told me that they ran out…I was crush for a second…then this other lady ran out from the back and told him that if this is what he was looking for, and there it is…my game… (stupid guy = =”) THE JOY~~~

After I bought the game I went straigh home, plug in my ps2 (I usually use PS3 now, so I put PS2 in my closet), and start gaming.  I spent 5 hours today on that game…it was a hella tight game!

Game Play

The game is played over the course of a school year for the Protagonist. Outside of key events, the Protagonist will attend school, then has the option of either interacting with other students or characters to improve Social Links, spend time at a part-time job or other activities to improve their basic statistics, or join with other characters to enter the Midnight Channel. The player can only perform one of these activities each day. Persona 4s timeline is driven by the disappearance of characters from the real world into the Midnight Channel; the player must watch the weather forecast and plan on saving these missing people by the end of a string of rainy days. Thus, the player must balance the various tasks to improve their strength in combat to be able to rescue the missing character by that time.

While in the Midnight Channel, the player explores randomly generated dungeons–each dungeon’s theme based on the latest victim’s fear or secret–encountering Shadows and finding treasure while he searches for the missing persons. Combat is based on traditional turn-based combat. The player has the option of assigning tactics for the other party but can also control these characters. The player may opt to make a normal attack, use an item, or use one of several skills granted by their current Persona; the player can also change the Protagonist character’s current Persona and use a different Persona’s skill. By striking at an enemy’s weakness, the player may be able to knock down the foe and take advantage of a successive “One More” attack. If all the enemies are knocked down, the player may opt to engage in an “All-out Attack”, where all the party characters engage the foe in a comical smoke-cloud fight for more damage. Winning battles earns the player experience points, money (as yen), and materials. Materials can be sold at stores in town for cash as well as to create new weapons, armor, and accessories for the party.

Each party member gains a Persona to use during battle, which level up with experience points and gain new abilities. The Protagonist is unique in that he can switch between several Personas during battle. Beside combat skills, the Persona grants certain immunities, resistances, and weaknesses to the various type of physical and magical attacks. In the Velvet room which can be accessed outside of dungeons, the player can register Personas at their current experience levels, withdraw Personas from the registry, and fuse two to five Personas to create a new one, combining selected abilities of the fused Personas. The fusion process rewards the player for making Personas that correspond with the Major Arcana of their Social Links, granting the new Persona an experience bonus. Persona 4 also includes a “Fusion Forecast”; fusing Personas on certain days will grant added bonuses.

Social links are built up through interactions with other non-player characters in the game. Building up Social links of fellow party members will gain benefits in battle, such as the member taking a critical hit for the Protagonist or being able to follow-up with an attack after an One More strike. Higher Social links allow more powerful Personas in that Arcana to be created.

Source: wiki

First few hour of the game:

Found this on youtube last night before I bought the game.  It contain a few hour of game play of the actual game.  If you don’t like spoiler, don’t watch the video below  (owner of these videos are Swillo from Youtube).


Beginning 1/14

Beginning 2/14

Beginning 3/14

Beginning 4/14

Beginning 5/14

Beginning 6/14

Beginning 7/14

Beginning 8/14

Beginning 9/14

Beginning 10/14

Beginning 11/14

Beginning 12/14

Beginning 13/14

Beginning 14/14

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