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Taiwan Daily Short Report#1

January 10, 2009

After leaving my house in Oregon (USA) at 2:30pm, we arrive at the Portland airport at 4pm and since my flight to San Francisco (going there to transfer plane so I can go to Taiwan from there) was at 7pm, me and my mom decided to sit down at the airport cafe shop and drink a cup of coffee to pass the extra 2 hours. When we got on the plane at 7pm and was sat, I went straight to sleep with out second thought, and when I woke up, we were there (>.<).

We landed in the San Francisco airport at 9pm that day and waited for another 2 hours for the flight attendant to check if there is any free space on the plane so I can get on (me and my mom get free plane ticket because my dad work at China Airline as a pilot).  And luckily, there is! Thanks god! If there wasn’t any I would have to sleep in the airport for the day (^.^).  We got on the plane to Taiwan at midnight.

The flight from USA to Taiwan took 14 hours.  After we got on and ate dinner on the plane, I went to sleep again for the next 12 hours, and when I woke up….I was in Taiwan.  We arrive in Taiwan at 6am Taiwan time, and got to my house at 7am.  After we put our bags away I started cleaning the house, but because my sister and my mom already came back here in Taiwan a month ago, the house isn’t that dusty, so the cleaning only took me 1 hour.

(The story above doesn’t have any picture…I apology for that because my camera was out of battery and I didn’t notice until I was already on the plane)

After finishing the hosue cleaning duty, we took the bus and went to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, to buy foods. 


(I live in Nanken which is a 30 minutes drive from Taipei)

The places where we normally buy our groceries are either the super market, the street super market or the mall, and with this case, we went to the mall call SOGO in Taipei.


We bought some bread

Soy Souce~
And that is how my first day went…cleaning, shopping and now I’m off to bed, since I’m still adjusting the time different.
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