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Taiwan Daily Short Report#4

January 13, 2009
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Today I went to SOGO…again…but this time my mom wasn’t with me so I went shopping at the “Toy” section for an hour.  That was when I spotted the lovely Guren Type-02 Royal Coating Verion (^.^)

Doesnt Karen look really hot in this box cover?

This model cost me around…$46 USD.  I think it was worth it, but my mom got kinda…freak out (>.>).

Guren look REALLY awesome (>.<) specially with the shiny coating they coated with.

….When ever I saw these pieces I always thought…”What THE HELL! was I thinking!?!”.  But at the end, everything turn out right.  So that is good (^.^)

Half way done…

Turn out pretty good at the end huh?

(I will post more picture tomorrow with better poses)

Beside Guren, I always bought a Hitman Reborn pin today.  Saw this at a 7-11 and couldn’t help buying it…
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