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Taiwan Daily Short Report#8: Chinese New Year

January 24, 2009

Schools are off starting today for 9 days for Chinese new year, which is on the 26th.  The highway was suppose to be having heavy traffic today, but for somereason the highway is going smooth as ever.  Makes me wonder if anyone are going back to their home town to spend the new year with their parents and other family members.

The Lobby of the building where I live

The lobby of the building where I live. You can just feel the new year spirit is in the air.

Since I know for sure that most restaurant are gonna be full on new years eve, I went ahead and eat out today with my mom instead of tomorrow.  And I was right!  The waiter at the restaurant where I was eating at said that it’s going be a full house tomorrow.

The food was really great ^.^  Should have took some picture of the food..sorry, I forgot...
The food was great ^.^ Should have took some pictures of the food..sorry, I forgot…

And the plan for tomorrow (new years eve) is after eating a normal dinner with mom, we’re  going to the Shin in Taipei  to wish for a good and health year.

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  1. January 24, 2009 11:31 pm

    Hmm no reunion dinner for you? 😦

    At least, you got to enjoy the restaurant food. We all know they will be full tomorrow for reunion dinners anyway.

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