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Taiwan Daily Short Report# 10

January 27, 2009

Since I wasn’t feeling too well today I decided to stay home, so instead of going to the figure shop I finish the first Persona 3 light novel I bought a few weeks ago.  The story was extremely good and enjoyable.  To be honest, I never though it could be this good when I first bought it. (>.<)

The story take place a month before the event of persona 3 and told the untold story of Akihiki Sanada and his senpai who apparently have the “potential”.  It was also confirmed that she has something inside of her that is like persona, but she can’t summon it.  Is that “something” really her persona? Or is it something else?

(read the book if you want to know what happen) LOL

The other thing that I want to mention is this picture.

If you guys are keeping up with Naruto then you would know that he was killed by pain.  If this picture is real then I can’t imagine how Naruto will manage to fight his dead master.  Just thinking about it made my back chill, but on the other hand, it would also be a great twist in the story.

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