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Taiwan Daily Short Report# 11

February 2, 2009

I am back~(>.<) Sorry for not posting anything new for 2 days, was kind of busy these days with other stuff like spending the whole day in a figure shop (^0^) LOL.

Went to 莫古里(mokuri) yesterday and spent the whole day there.  I was going to take some picture of what is inside the shop, but the owner wouldn’t let me no matter what I said…FAIL!  (>.<)  When I was in Mokuri I wanted to buy a lot of things, since it’s my first time time buying figures, but considering that I have to take the bus home I decided to just buy a few and go back there again someday in the future.

My first trip to the figure I bought PredAlien from the movie ANP2.

Funny how my parent keep saying toys are for kids when the box for PredAlien said 17+, LOL

I also bought my first figma Rin and Len.  Mokuri sell them as a set, you can buy them separately too, but it’s gonna cost more.

I was gonna buy Haruhi as my first figma but after seeing Rin, everything changed.

as for Len…I don’t think Rin will be happy if I bought her and didn’t bought her brother. (=.=)

I’m planning on opening Rin and Len when I get back to America since it’s safer to pack that way.  I know I could put them back into their box after playing with them too, but just in case that I don’t remember how to put them back in exactly the way they were, I decided to leave them alone till I get back to the US.  As for PredAlien, I don’t plan on opening it at all.  American toys are more valuable when they are unopen.  I’m just gonna hang the box on the wall of my room for display (^.^)

I’m going to do a figure/figma review when I get back to the USA, so bare with me ok.

On the other hand, I told you guys before that I live on the 26th floor, and the view is great right?  But I have never show you a picture…so here it is!

After taking so many pictures of views and figures, I am starting to think that I need to buy a better camera…since the camera I have right now suck ass… (=.=)

This is pretty random, but here is what I ate for lunch today, LOL

A cup of milk, pudding, meat bun, and a “high class” cup noodle.

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