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Taiwan Daily Short Report# 12: Naruto Shippūden 2: Bonds

February 9, 2009

Went to the theater today with my mom to watch the new Naruto Movie…and yes…with my mother…she insist on coming with me even though I told her not to.  She said she want to know what “kind” of “cartoon” I was into these days…totally ruin the mood for me (=.=)  Other then that the movie was great!  The Naruto movies are getting better and better(^.^) I remember the first movie suck, but this one is REALLY good.  I suggest you guys to watch it, it’s a movie that you can not afford to miss.

On Wiki they posted the whole story of the movie, so if you can’t watch it for some reason just read it below.

Storyline of Naruto Movie Bonds



A mysterious group of shinobi called the Sora-nin (Sky Ninjas) from the Sky Country makes a surprise attack on Konoha because Konoha nearly destroyed the Sky Country during the last Shinobi World War, but they survived and now they’re after Konoha and the Fire Country for revenge.

The group starts attacking Konoha, causing mass mayhem. Flying ninjas come out with winged-mechanical devices bombarding. A boy comes all the way to inform Konoha that his village had been attacked and he was looking for his sensei, who was currently in Konoha looking for someone to go with him to heal those injured in his village.

A 3 man team consisting of Naruto, Sakura and Hinata are sent along to help the boy’s village. They accompany Amaru, the boy, and Shinnō, his sensei, back to the village. The team travels through a forest full of eerie beasts and poisonous animals using small rowing boats down a river. A Sora-Nin suddenly appears and they hide by the riverside while Naruto and Amaru hide underwater until the Sora-Nin go away. When they try to resurface, Amaru gets caught in the weeds underwater and loses his precious scalpel (a present from his beloved sensei). While helping Amaru with the weeds, Naruto notices that Amaru is in fact a female due to her breasts present. Naruto blushes while at the same time a poisonous piranha-like fish bites him and he faints. Later on, Naruto wakes up, still blushing, because Amaru was sucking the poisonous blood out of the wound on his thigh, thus saving Naruto. Naruto asks her if he’s a female and suggests that Amaru has feelings for her sensei, causing him to get slapped.

Meanwhile in Konoha, the Sora-nin retreat because they were out of chakra to maintain flying, so Konoha sends another special team to look for their base. Sai approaches the ship’s captain (who is near the beach) on one of his ink birds to attract attention while Shikamaru and Kakashi hide behind some rocks near the shore waiting for the right time to infiltrate and attack. In Orochimaru’s lair, Orochimaru is now ill because the body transfer jutsu he uses is close to expiration. Kabuto is attending to him and tells Sasuke that the Sora-nin are attacking Konoha, to which Sasuke gives an “I don’t care” reply. Orochimaru orders Sasuke to get a man who is able to help him perfect his reincarnation jutsu.

Naruto and company finally reach Amaru’s village and find the village has been badly attacked and some parts are now in ruins with the inhabitants nowhere to be seen. Amaru cries and runs around trying to find some villagers. She unknowingly triggers a trap, sending a bunch of kunai flying towards her; her sensei, Shinnō, steps in and tries to protect her but fails. Naruto, Sakura and Hinata run to the scene but it was too late, Shinnō dies. After Amaru comes to her senses they continue to look for villagers. Sasuke is on his way to the village.

Later on, through a series of events, Hinata gets separated from Sakura and Naruto. Naruto and Sakura find themselves in front of an evil monster that feeds on the darkness of human souls and somehow takes over Amaru. Sakura proves to be no match for the beast; the creature senses that Naruto has a huge dark energy/power inside of him so it taunts Naruto and tries to make him use that power, saying “He cannot save anyone without it.” This makes Naruto remember his failure in saving Sasuke and is emotionally unstable, causing him to take on the Nine Tailed Fox form and, eventually, the four-tails state. After fighting for a while he turns back to normal when Sakura gains consciousness and gives Naruto the seal which Jiraiya gave to her earlier.

Naruto tells Amaru to ignore the darkness in her heart which finally results in the beast getting defeated. Sakura wakes up in Naruto’s arms and punches him – awkwardly. They decided to separate; Naruto going on to look for the villagers and Hinata and Sakura going back to get help. Amaru, who was supposed to go with Sakura stays to help Naruto. They then find some old ruins in which Shinnō mentioned earlier. They decide to enter the ruins. Shinnō is inside – safe and sound saying something about conquering the world with the power of darkness. Amaru, excited that her sensei is alive runs to hug him, but Naruto notices something’s not right and Shinnō laughs at Amaru for trusting him. Shinnō mentions that he’s been researching the power of darkness for about 10 years and he’s finally found it in Konoha; now he only needs a secret scroll. He then transforms into a huge hulk-like creature with Naruto charging towards him only to be outmatched again and again.

Shinnō, in the hulk-like form, also tries to convince Naruto to use the Nine Tailed Fox’s chakra. Amaru is lost in tears while Shinnō and Naruto duke it out. Ever since she was small she had a weird illness and nobody liked her, fearing that they’d be infected. Only Shinnō cared for her and managed to cure her. Naruto tells her not to throw her feelings away while evil Shinnō mocks her. She finally admits her love to which Shinnō pauses, distracting him, allowing Naruto to land a hit. Sasuke appears suddenly saying “Orochimaru needs help with a reincarnation jutsu” to Shinnō. Shinnō gives him a scroll and says “that’s enough help”. Sasuke attacks with “Chidori Senbon” which attacks Shinnō’s cells and he turns back to normal. He then flees the scene and Naruto follows. Naruto tells Amaru to go find the villagers while he goes after Sasuke. He finds Sasuke in a room and asks “What are you doing here?”. In the same room is a giant cocoon which is absorbing dark chakra, Shinnō fuses with the cocoon and transforms into a monster. Using tentacle arms Shinnō tries to absorb their chakra; Sasuke turns to Curse Seal level 1 and releases evil chakra and Naruto, who got Sasuke’s plan, turns into the Kyuubi, also releasing evil chakra.

In the meantime, Sai and Co. successfully infiltrate and destroy the Sora-nin’s base. Sakura and Hinata find the villagers in a cell and frees them all. Naruto appears again and orders Amaru to go. She refuses and Sasuke takes her by force. Naruto whispers something to Sasuke, who then flees. Remembering Jiraiya once said that Naruto had the willpower to never give up, he creates some shadow clones and starts to destroy the ruins. When all was destroyed he begins to fall. Amaru, from a distance sees Naruto and grabs a pair of sora-nin wings and tries to save him. Upon reaching him, she grabs him and they fall together. Jiraiya suddenly pops out with Gamakichi and catches the two, saving them.

Later on, Naruto wakes up in Amaru’s arms, which causes Sakura and Hinata to get jealous. Sasuke goes back and gives Orochimaru the scroll, who then asks if something has happened. Sasuke then goes off to train and remembers Naruto’s whisper “I’ll definitely bring you back to Konoha. Sasuke!”

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  1. xkianloongx aka FallentAngel permalink
    February 10, 2009 8:30 pm

    hey do u know when is the dvd release for this anime…waiting for it to be downloadable online… haha

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