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Taiwan Daily…LONG Report# 15: Taipei 101 & The Zoo

February 19, 2009

I brought my camera; Canon 45D with 18mm-200mm lens to the Taipei 101 building (the current tallest building in the world) and the Taipei Zoo today to take some pictures.  However, due to the weather today the picture didn’t turn out so great, but there was some decent ones too.

Didn’t went inside the Taipei 101 today since I was there to take it’s pictures, plus that I went in there before (>.>)

I still don’t really get what’s this part of the building for…just style?

this was right next to the Taipei 101 building so I took a picture of it (^.^) and it turned out pretty good!  The lighting for this one was perfect! even though the weather suck…

After taking about a 100 pictures of Taipei 101 I took the bus and went to the Taipei Zoo.  The original goal was to take pictures of the newly arrived Pandas…

(there was a lot of panda info on the side where people was lining up)

…but they were sleeping… butt facing me…

when I arrived at the exist…the panda woke up…*sigh bad luck…( took this blurry one with my zoom lens)

After seeing the pandas I went to the tiger cage (favor animal~) more pictures of tigers on my Darkroom Final.

My favor one is this.

my loop from the zoo (^o^) Just a cool looking panda bag!

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