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Taiwan High Speed Rail 高鐵

February 27, 2009

I went on the Taiwan High Speed Rail (高鐵) for the first time today.  It was pretty fast, and the seats were very comfortable.  In fact, it was more comfortable than the seats on a plane.

If you happen to thinking that the Taiwan High Speed Rail look a lot like Japan’s Shinkansen, you’re on the right “track”, lol.  The Japanese let us (the Taiwanese) borrowed some of their blue print for Shinkansen, so you can think of the Taiwan High Speed Rail as the Shinkansen’s child.

(Note: a lot of other countries, including the USA, are thinking about building a High Speed Rail.)

Taiwan High Speed Rail’s map.

The Roll-Out Ceremony for the Taiwan High Speed Rail 700T trainsets took place in January 2004 at Kobe, Japan. It was the first time that the Shinkansen was exported its system to the foreign country. A test run was jointly held by the Taiwan Shinkansen Corporation and THSRC at HSR Tainan Station in January 2005, it was heralding the coming age of the high speed rail service with the vision of enabling people of Taiwan to live in an “one-day peripheral circle”.

By looking back at the history of the transportation developments in Taiwan, we realized that building any form of transportation system, regardless it is a harbor, railway or highway; which always have the immediate and long-term impacts on its regional development, an efficient and safe transportation would definitely change the habit, attitude and lifestyle of the society.

It is without saying that the benefits brought by the Taiwan High Speed Rail are a fast and convenient way of the trans-island travel linking north to south of Taiwan, and it also brings people together leading to an prosperous and fulfilled life.

Read the rest here

slowly walking towards the main enternce of  High Speed Rail’s Taoyuan station.

The Taoyuan station’s sign.

The view when I first walked into the station.  Nice place huh?

Now all I need to do is buy the ticket…wow…the line…it’s not even weekend either.

HA! Finally got my ticket (and my mom’s)

The picture's quality is really bad because I wasn't using my Canon 450D, sorry

 Heading towards the platform.

Here is a video of the train coming into the platform.  ( I forgot that I can’t turn the video’s image…so just watch the video with your head tilted ^.^;)

The inside of the train look pretty clean as well.

The view in was never really good…ha…

It was a fun 20 minutes ride over all, might do it again some time, but next time I’m going to go down south and not north towards Taipei.

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  1. metalotaku permalink
    February 28, 2009 4:49 am

    wow looks cool. Wish we had HSR in my country 😥

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