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Animax Original Series LaMP Release Date

March 7, 2009
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LaMP  has been confirm to be airing on March 24th at 8pm on Animax world wide.

LaMP, written by Carmelo S and directed by Ryosuke Tei, is the first and biggest Animax original production.  It featured the French-Canadian band Simple Plan and the American band The Click Five who will be producing two different songs for the opening and ending themes of the movie.

The anime is going to be dubbed in several languages; English for the Southeast Asian region, Mandarin for China, Cantonese for Hong Kong, Hindi for India, and Japanese for Animax Japan.


The inhabitants of a harsh desert planet called Cerra have perfected a system of imprisonment without walls. Called “Lamination”, this system of virtual slavery ensures that those convicted of serious crimes remain productive, if not free, members of society. Prisoners are hence called LaMBs.

The system has made bothjails and the death penalty unnecessary in a world where human ingenuity, creativity and labor continue to be precious commodities that cannot be replaced by robots or any form of “artificial” intelligence. This system has sparked off philosophical debate among the citizens of Cerra on whether lamination is ethical.

The two protagonists are Eve and Jack. Eve is an ex-weapons specialist who has accidentally taken innocent lives while trying to do good and was sentenced to years in virtual imprisonment behind the laminated suit. Jack on the other hand, is a scientist from another planet who is trying to forget his dead wife and immerses himself in work. Inadvertently Jack gets pulled into the political system of lamination and a romance with Eve

Source, Animax

Anyway, I will be looking forward to the Chinese Dub (since there is this actor I really like).  This really might be one of those historical moment in anime history, so don’t miss it okay!

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