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Moe Curry and Garbage

March 30, 2009

Moe saves the economy in Japan once again!

We first spotted moe saving Japan’s economy when moe rice came out, but now we also spotted moe saving the economy of curry and garbage bag!  The power of moe never cease to amaze me.

Japanaese curry now tastes better than before because the otaku business minds have stuck the word “Moe” on the front of this “Moe Curry” product and stuck a moe maid on the packaging.


Sakuya Kudan – a school girl aged 15 is an original character that was printed on garbage (“rubbish” or “trash” depending on where you live) bags and sold for 350 yen for a pack of 10 at a recent Sakura festival near Yasukuni Shrine.
The Chiyoda Tourist Association thought it would be interesting to endorse the moe garbage bags and decided to go ahead and sell them.
It was a chap called Hyashi at Keio university who came up with the idea and he is looking at selling these garbage bags at Akihabara too.


I would totally buy both of them, but I probably wouldn’t use the garbage bag though.  Can’t really imagine myself throwing out something THAT moe looking (>.<)

Countries around the world should consider doing this too, it might actually help their economy, but that is just my point of view, an Otaku’s point of view. (>3>”)

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