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Otaku Workout Video (O.o)

April 24, 2009

I just discovered this workout DVD for otakus who needed some exercise.

The DVD is called Isshoni Training (いっしょにとれーにんぐ), and it’s suppose to be a Training Video.

However, do you really think an otaku will buy this video and do the workout exercise they show in it?

I mean, they probably will “workout”, just a different kind…(>.>”)


The girl in the video is called Hinako. 16 years old, 1.65 m, 48 kg, light, healthy, loves sports and loves anime too!

Originally a human, was turned into an anime character during junior high 2nd year.

Usually performs as a friend of the main character or other minor casts.

Here is some videos of it.

Read the original article here and the english verion of it here.

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