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Godzilla VS Monster X Part 1-3

May 7, 2009

This is my most recently photograph project called Godzilla VS Monster X, which I finished yesterday around midnight, and turned it in today.

The theme of the project was to narrate a story with only three pictures.  It can be a fairytale, legend, or even a movie.

At first I was gonna tell a story about a mountain climber, but that idea got ruined by the rain (-_-“).

So then I decided to do a reenactment of the movie Godzilla Final War, and that is what these images are.

(The caption for each photo will be under it)

Godzilla VS Monster X part 1

“Godzilla meets two fearsome enemy in Tokyo, but he didn’t back down! instead, he stay and fight!”

Godzilla VS Monster X part 2

“After getting ganged up by the 2 monsters Godzilla can’t stand for much longer! That is when his counter attack start!”

Godzilla VS Monster X part 3


You can find these and more of my photographs at my Deviantart account call Bboysamurai.

You won’t find any of my drawings there though since I use a different account for that.  Here is my drawing account if anyone wants to check that out as well. Ri-Hiroshi

PS- There’s one thing that I should mention.  These 3 images will show up in different color on different monitors, I don’t know why it just does.  Some might be a bit red-ish and other light yellow-ish, which is the normal color.

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