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Dusting My Room

May 9, 2009

Since my midterm are finally over this week, I decide to spend some quality time cleaning up my room.  At first I was planning on spending like 3 hours on it, but somehow it ended up taking the whole day.

I first start by taking down all my figures and manga from the shelves.  Then I began to dust them carefully.

Manga everywhere…

This guy took me about 30 minutes to finish dusting him.  He is 3 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide (include the wings).

I used a “rocket air pump”, air brush, and Sweefer Dust.

Rocket Air Pump is that black thing that looks like a rocket on the left.  You just need squeeze it and high pressure air will come out.  (cost about $10 USD)

The floor was full so I started putting stuff on my bed.

What my room looks like after I’m done.

Oh, and I also added another sticker on my laptop today.

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