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Photography Class Finals Gallery

June 11, 2009

Yesterday I went to my photo class’ art gallery where all the photo students put their final prints on the wall for grading.  It wasn’t really required for us, the artist, to be there, but I figure since I don’t have anything else to do I might as well go and social for a bit.

I also took some picture of the artworks while I was there.

There was about 3-5 walls of artworks, and all of them are from either Digital or Film Photography.

This piece was done by an old lady who usually sitting behind me in class.  That’s her kids in the pictures.

This was actually done by a girl who use a point and shoot camera instead of a DSLR.  The photos came out surprisingly good.

Always wanted to do something like that where you put bunch of pictures from different sectors of a scene to make one big picture.

LOL it rains a lot in Portland (^_^)

The caption of the little blond boy was ” You Will Never Know What’s He Looking at Unless He Look at You”.

I helped the student who was working on this piece (^_^), I think it was her first time working in Photoshop.

I Love this picture where he dresses as a scuba diver.  The piece was call ” Fish Out of the Water”.

Love the street style in this one.

From the 2nd wall.

I really like the last photo.  The color is just so…calm.

From the 3rd wall.

And more from the other walls.

The woman in that picture is my professor.

And Finally here are mine.

( I will post each and everyone of them later tonight with all the captions and settings.)

Update:  Here is my final’s images

After the show my professor asked me if I want to be a digital photography lab tech at my school.  It’s really the first time that anyone recognize me and seem to believe that I can actually do something, so I was really happy.

The pay seems to be pretty good, $9.50 an hour, so I might do it.  Need to think about this a little more before answering her.

What do you think?

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