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Internet Explorer Nude Filter

June 14, 2009


The illustration above doesn’t seems to be unusual at first, but if you enlarger it (click on the image) and press Ctrl+A, or highlight it, you will see that this is actually a 18+ image.

This interesting way of censoring nude images only work on Internet Explorer, which means that Firefox, Safari, and other Web Browsers won’t be able to uncensor it.  But who knows, maybe some day this will work on the other Web Browsers as well.

It kind of reminds me those cellphone nude image scan code in Japan, except this is for the Internet.

Original texts below

The above illustration from Key’s visual novel “Tomoyo After – It’s a Wonderful Life” conceals an amusing easter egg visible only to users of dread browser Internet Explorer.

To view it, first enlarge the image, then press Ctrl + A, or alternatively select the image (so it is highlighted).

As stated, only Microsoft’s superior browser will display this, so users of rebel browsers will unfortunately have to resort to IE.

Via sankakucomplex

Here’s more for those Shana Internet Explorer user fans.

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  1. April 15, 2011 5:43 am

    let’s play war of legends at internet, not bad for me. lenalee x allen!

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