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Debu Note

June 17, 2009

This is just too funny to be ignored, and not sharing with you guys (>.<)

Debu Note, in Japanese literally means Fatty/Chubby Note.

Like the death note, whose name are written in it dies, the fatty note makes the people who are written in there fat(゚д゚)…yes…fat…

Original Texts from whatsacoder

Deathnote is one of the most beautifully created animes in the thriller/detective genres because of it’s heart pounding episodes and twists. Movies has been created to follow the success of the series and people have mixed opinions about it. As a Deathnote fan, I’ve seen some of the Deathnote movies and all I can say is that the anime series is still the best if you’ll be comparing it to the movies that has been released. As a fan I craved for a second season of the anime or at least another movie. and the good news is that I’ve found one. Itching to see it? To cut the tension I present to you another Deatnote Movie! You’ll be loving this one for sure (>_<)V

I hope you like the short deathnote parody (-_-). Actually the last deathnote movie is “L change the world” but who knows, perhaps they will revive the movie in the future if the fans brag about it^^

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