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Latale: Finding Muwen Quest

June 29, 2009

I finally finished my first official boss fight in Latale today!

The Finding Muwen quest was suppose to be a lvl 20-30 quest, but as you can see, I finished it when I’m level 45… (゚д゚)

In the Finding Muwen quest, you are suppose to go to the Dragon’s Lair to find the youngest member from the legendary Iris party who is missing.  And after you found him, he will tell you to go look for another member that was in their party in Young Gyoung, which then will lead you to another quest in Shangri-La.

In the Dragon’s Lair you have to go through 2 Invoke (dragons) before getting to Muwen.

First dragon: Invoke

You gotta love the look I have on my face (>_<)

Second dragon: InvokeEX

LOL.  This is the best screen shot I have took.

My party kicked his @ss!

And after we beat the 2 Invoke, it’s time for me to go do my quest.  The other members have already finished the quest, so it’s only me.

She was actually trying to “protect” Muwen… She thought I was an enemy…even though I already told her I’m not…

Her attack did almost next to nothing to me, since I was lvl 45 when the quest was meant to be for lvl 20-30.

After I beat her they just let me go, and told me to go find this lady in Young Gyoung.

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  1. MartaLualdi42 permalink
    April 27, 2010 7:17 pm

    I finished that part and I went to Rohan. He told me to go talk to Shaowee in Young Gyung, and I went to her, but nothing happened! I don’t know what to do!

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