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Taiwan Daily Short Report# 17: My Way Here

July 6, 2009

I landed in Taiwan yesterday, but due to the cleaning, meeting up with friends, and no Wi-Fi, I wasn’t able to post anything.  In fact, I only got my Wi-Fi fixed a minute ago.

So to start things off,  I will be writing about my way here for my first Taiwan Daily Short Report, which isn’t that short.

My person belongings that I’m taking with me.

I will be taking picture with this Point-and-Shoot camera on my way to Taiwan instead of my Nikon camera.

What my room looks like before I left.  Covered everything up with a sheet to prevent dusts.

Two of my headphones broked at the same time before I left… Need to get a new one at the airport.

Checking in at the Portland Airport.

Double checking my flight’s time before I go through the metal detector.

The Lovely Portland Airport lounge which has free Wi-Fi.

This desk is next to the Boarding Gate, and you actually get your ticket and seats.

Got my ticket (^_^)

Using the free Wi-Fi at the airport to pass some time.

Man’s best friend, the food court!  Grabbing some lunch there.

Wendy’s are the best!

After lunch at Wendy’s, my plane is here.

Getting in line to be seated.  2 hours later I was in Oakland California.

Oakland’s crime rate was…high…that’s why I was pretty freak out when my mom told me we’re switching airport/plane there.

After we got our luggage, we took the bus to the San Francisco Airport to switch plane.

On the way to SF Airport, we saw the most beautiful sunset.

Waiting to check in at the front desk in SF Airport.

I love how SF Airport look, the wall are all glass.

Grabbed some Chinese food at the food court there.  Orange chicken rice for dinner!

After dinner we went through the metal detector, and waited till it was time for us to get on board to Taiwan.

We finally landed in Taiwan after 13 hours of flight.  Waiting for my luggages at the Taiwan International Airport.

The welcome to Taiwan sign.

We landed in Taiwan at 5 AM local time and got home at 6 AM.  Then we spent 3 hours dusting and vacuuming the house, since there was about 3 months worth of dust on everything.  After that I played my NDSL, Devil Survivor, for an hour or so before I went to get a hair cut, and hang out with my friend TeaSlayer.  I will write about my meeting with Teaslayer in another post Though.

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    Very good tips within this page, anime consumes an excessive amount of of my work-time.

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