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Taiwan Daily Short Report# 20

July 19, 2009

I went furniture hunting with my mom at the Taipei Furniture Exhibit located next to the Taipei 101 building today, since we’re thinking about changing some of our old furniture once we move to our new house.  (Will write about the new house later in another post when I have the time.)

don’t have a couch here in Taiwan where I live, so we need to get one for the new house.

Asian style furniture.  Thinking about using this style for our new living room.

Interesting style huh?

The chairs are actually connected.  It’s meant for so that when people are chatting, they can look at each others face.  We’re actually thinking about getting this due to the unique design.  You can still see my butt mark (>_<)

Dinning table.

I actually look more pictures on the other booths, but all of the sells men there beside this asian booth made me delete them (=_=”)  They said “Either you deleted them or we’ll kick you out, and take you camera.”  I swear, being a photographer is hard with all of these bitchy people and rules.

Afterward we stopped by the Taipei 101 to grabbed some dinner.

The way to the food court looks pretty empty, but it was actually loaded with people after you past those wall.

Loaded with people…

There was a lot of restaurant I wanted to try, but decided to eat at this sushi place instead since I haven’t had a decent sushi in a while.

Probably one of the cleanest sushi place I have seen.

Name this sushi (>_<)  Half raw half cook.

The fish here looks really fresh, and delicious.

I ate so much…so cheap…lol

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  1. July 19, 2009 6:54 pm

    Damn, Taipei 101. When I’m going back next year definitely going there.

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