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8-16-2009 Manga Convention Photos

August 17, 2009

Here’s the pictures of the 2009 Taipei Manga Convention I promised last time.

Photobucket took forever to upload all of my 66 pictures… maybe my picture files are too big?  But it would probably take me longer if I re-size every single last one of them. (^_^;;)

(started the upload at 7am and finished around 7:30pm… more then 12 hours…my WIFI here in Taiwan suck. [=__=;;] )

(me) Crossing the sky bridge to cross the road since they blocked the crossing where I use to cross.  (wow…a lot of “cross” was used in that sentence… LOL)

…….Looks like they only block the crossing that I normally used… (=__=”)  You can see a lot of otakus caring their bags of loots on the left side of the picture.

A J-drama that I am currently watching here in Taiwan.  It’s call Rookie, originally a manga by Morita Masanori.  The hardship between a teacher and his student really moves me *tear* since you can’t find teacher like that anymore… (remebering my childhood memory…racist teacher…*tear up again*)

The convention building is right across the road! Almost there~~~ so many people…

The lines for the booths inside even reached the outside of the building. ( It was around 98 degree that day.)

Shading place for people who doesn’t want to rest inside.  Probably too crowded.

The entrance.  The signs says “Manga Convention: 8.12-8-17”.

Finally inside…see the red rope on the right? that’s not a divider, but a line for people who wants to get inside a booth.  (Probably will take an hour or so to get in)

Most of the booths were put up by Taiwanese manga company that represents for Japan.

Despite the fact that this is a manga convention they also sell a decent amount of light novels, and figures.

It was so hard to walk around with a DSLR and a 20-200m lens with this many people.

Saw some pretty awesome looking “doodle”.

I want that tablet PC!!!

Went inside one of my favor light novel company.

I bought Dragon Crisis here.

An art by VOFAN, the original artist of Bakemonogatari.  She works for this company.

Here’s the full original size of the drawing.  Via VOFAN’s blog.

I’m outside again.  Really love the posters on the walls.  I want to take one home~

The World God Only Knows.

Mio from K-On! ( Like anyone doesn’t know)

The Sekirei girls.

Another VOFAN drawing.

A wall scroll booth.

They sell MAGIC here (O_o)?

The author of Spice and Wolf was having a signing that day, too bad I don’t read or watch it.

Got stuck…

They have a lot of those newly released egg machine at the convention.

VOFAN was having a signing that day, one of the reason why I picked the 16th to go photoshooting.  Too bad I didn’t get the limited ticket in time…sigh…

Below is what the master mind behind Bakemonogatari looks like.

VOFAN!!! I mistook her for a guy at first when she walked out.  It wasn’t until she speak that I realize that he is actually a she. (SORRY VOFAN!)

She’s signing her name on the big banner (^_^)

The convention contributed some flowers to VOFAN for her being there.

The signing session finally began! The girl with the yellow hair is one of VOFAN’s original character.

The unpopular section…pretty easy to walk around here, which is why I took a 10 minutes break there (>_<).

I don’t know why they would sell Disney glass cup in a manga convention…

Me waiting in line to get inside this booth.  Wanted to buy an artbook by VOFAN and three other local artist.

This line was fairly quick, only took me 15 minutes to get in.

Another character by VOFAN.

Notice how VOFAN is a pretty famous artist in Taiwan.  Almost every otaku loves or has her works.

One Piece.

A booth that is dedicated to just Hitman Reborn.

Planning on using this picture as my wallpaper (^_^)

A wall of doodles by otakus.

Time to leave, the exit is in the front. (Got stuck again…lol)  I Bought some more Hitman Reborn egg thing before I left.

So this is all the pictures I took during the convention.  Hope you guys like my article and thanks for reading it.

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