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My Days in Bali: Day 2

September 1, 2009

The second day of my journey was basically a photo shoot day and a dinner meet.  We went to a temple, and an old style shopping district.  Afterward we had a dinner with another family that invited us. ( Read about it here )

Taken while I was in the car to the temple.  The street of Bali is surprisingly clean I have to say.

Not that much car either.

I always appreciate a good graffiti.

The entrance of the monkey temple.  You have to wear those robes on the side if your pants or skirts are higher than your knees.  It is a temple after all.

I saw them burning leafs on the side of the road.  Their way of cleaning?  In America we usually put them in a special garbage bag that will dispose once it’s buried, and take it outside on the weekends so the garbage men can take them.

The mask on the gate is Barong, The Holy Spirit that drive away evil spirit.

Wild monkey baby and it’s mother. (?)

The monkeys was right next to me, no zoom or any thing.

More monkey pictures.

I think I know why the monkey love this place now.

Would love to see the Fire Dance, but didn’t have time.

The old style shopping district.

I like how open they are about taking pictures.  The owner who was standing in front of me even moved when he saw me taking pictures.

In Bali more people have bikes like this than cars.  Maybe that’s why their roads are so free.

I think their houses are right above their shop.

Saw a lot of people from varied countries there, was quite unique.

In the end of the day we went to a restaurant next to the beach, and watched sunset.

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