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Koihime Musou AWESOME!

September 21, 2009

Was bored a couple of days ago so I went on to Crunchyroll, a free anime watching site, and I saw this old 2008 anime called Koihime Musou.  I remember seeing this tittle on a visual novel box, so decided to give it a try, and what do you know, I liked it.

And because the fact that I’m Chinese (Taiwanese) I enjoyed the story even more since I already know all about the character beforehand as male.  (The anime basically changed all male in to female with extra fan service)

Anime Summery

When Kanu was young, her family and their village were wiped out by bandits. As she grew up, she saw more and more of the world, and how so many other families were torn apart by war, disease and other things. And so she sets out on a journey. A journey to find the answer. Not an answer to why life is fair, but rather a journey to find the path, that will change the world.

Along the way, she becomes well known for hunting down bandits like the ones who killed her family, and meets and adopts Rin-Rin, a young girl who like herself, lost her family to bandit attacks. Together these warriors and other companions will seek to change the world.

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