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“I Would Rather Be Dead Right Now” Deadache Experience

September 26, 2009

First week of the new quarter and I already got a migraine headache!

In the middle of reading my writing assignment yesterday I feel like my eyes were out of focus, and after awhile I started to see white dots around the pages.  Back then I thought it was just the reflection of the sun from window since the book’s pages were kind of glossy.  However, when I noticed the dots were still there after I put the drains down, I knew something was not right.

I seriously thought  I was going blind because of all the late night light less anime watching.  (and I really did thought of that…)

So after trying to keep reading, and failed, I decided to close my eyes for a bit to let it rest, but wooh~ was that a mistake.  After I woke up from my sleep resting my head started to feel a pain that was like no other that I had had before.  Every time my heart pumps I feel like someone is stabbing me in the head.  For the first hour or so I tried to hold it but the pain just wouldn’t go away!  That’s when my dad called the doctor and found out that I’m having a migraine headache.

The thing about this “migraine headache” is that we saw a lot of it on TV, and for most of the time we thought it was just a normal headache, but trust me it’s not.  If you had had one before, I feel you man, but if you haven’t, you are lucky.

I wouldn’t say getting the “I would rather be dead right now” headache experience was fun, it’s not, but it sure made me felt the pain of the people who gets them every month.

Ps- Just so you know…the headache last about 24-72 hour…so right now while I’m typing this, my head still hurts like hell, but no stabbing feeling.

“Time for your shot~~ ❤ “

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