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KissxSis Anime Due?

November 13, 2009

Apparently the incest brother-sister loving anime, KissxSis are getting an anime adoption now instead of a bunch of OADs/OVAs.

Personally I love the whole imouto (little sister) fetish thing, and episode 0 and 1 of the OAD was good, but will a season of this fan service anime do well? All I can say is that this is definitely an ero perverted watch!

The official announcement about the series has not been made yet, all we know is that we’re getting one.

Original post from Sankaku Complex.

Notorious erection gripping incest ero-anime Kiss×sis, formerly restricted to a series of OADs and a decidedly raunchy manga, is apparently set for a full TV anime adaptation.

No public confirmation is yet forthcoming, but the publisher has supposedly confirmed the announcement shown in the above cap. The fifth volume of the manga is already set to have another OVA episode so more details will likely accompany that…

Expect a heavily censored TV broadcast with a full swathe of penis gripping ero-action in the DVD extras; just whether the more fetishistic scenes survive the adaptation will be interesting to behold…

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