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Week In Oregon#1

November 27, 2009

I have done any photo article of my life lately, so instead of writing a bunch of short posts with few picture, I decided to cram a week worth of my life in one post instead.  Kind of like Danny Choo.

So first things first, I am happy to announce that I have a new family member this week! Wooh! And his name is Chang Chang!! (錢錢: which means money in Chinese)

He is only 7-9 weeks old, still a puppy!

And on Thanksgiving we ate him (^_^)….

na~ I’m just joking.

In case you still don’t get it this Friday is Thanksgiving, and since I live in the United State it’s one of those holiday that I have to celebrate as an Asian American. (Or I just love to have a feast for absolute no reason ^_^)

Here’s a little history about Thanksgiving.  Basically when the first ship load of British came to the land so call “America”, the first winter was very harsh for them since they don’t know how to grow food yet.  And nicely enough, the local Indian saw these dying racist bastards and decided to help them, therefore that day became known as  Thanksgiving, a holiday that thanks what the Indian have done for Englishmen.

Which later the Indians get killed by these people for land…English are so nice aren’t they?

My mom cutting the turckey which is usually done by the man of the house, but since the guys in my family are lazy…she does it for us (>_<)

My step-dad opening some wine~

After dinner we reap all the turkey meat off and store them in a box since the bones takes up too much spaces.

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