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Bus Trip to New York!!

December 23, 2009

NOTE: The hotel I lived in New York charges money for internet, so I’m actually typing this whole thing out on the 22th but posting it now.

Update: My parents decided to pay for the internet for a day ($15), so I’m posting this now instead of the planned 26th.  This is an exception though, the rest of my trip will be post after the 25th (Christmas).

The 22th sure was a busy day.

During 7am-1pm I went to my brother’s daughter’s (I know there is a name for that but I can’t spell it so I’m just going to say it the long way) school performance, and have to catch a bus from Boston to New York afterward.

The school performance was not that enjoyable since I’m not a child person. (>_>)

A bunch of kids singing Christmas songs, and…that is pretty much it.

After the performance my brother drove my family and I to the bus station in Boston (1 Hour drive from the school) where we took a 6 hours drive to N.E.W Y.O.R.K C.I.T.Y.

The inside of the bus.

There is nothing better than a snowy road on Christmas~ well Christmas “week”.

There were a lot of factories, and yet America complains about other countries’ factories.

Left 4 Dead 2 billboard!

Saw this weird looking rainbow.

Close up!

NYC here I COME!!!

So many pretty lights~

Checking into the hotel (^_^) so good nigh guys!

PS- I swear…I’m seeing otaku everywhere~~~


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