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New York City Photos

December 25, 2009

Due to the unreasonable price for internet in hotels, I was stuck without “the interwebz” for many days.  However, since I’m back at my nii-san’s house I can finally upload all the photographs I took in New York! (^_^)

NYC (New York City!!) Time Square; where NBC, Good Morning America, and CNN shoot their News.

Lion King the play.  Need to go see that at least once in my life.

The place was packed! People where everywhere! rude people too…

DSi (^_^) Still waiting for DSi LL to come out in America.

The famous New York hot dog stand. Yum~

I think this is a church… not really sure but it look amazing!

Those snow thingy actually lights up at different times to make a little snow performance. (^_^) [with music of course]

The famous, for unknown reason, Christmas tree in Time Square.

Seriously…I don’t know why it is so famous.  It’s not even that big or beautiful.

It was interesting to see how News do it live.

I really love how NYC looks at night.

New York was fun, but I sure am happy to be back, I guess I am just too otaku for the unreasonable prince there. (^_^;)

I prefer Japan, and Taiwan over NY anytime when I want to go visit a big city (away from Oregon…).

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  1. December 26, 2009 3:05 am

    HAhah NYC still looks good, and happy belateted christmas^^

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