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M&M World in NYC

December 27, 2009

I went to M&M World with my family on the last day of our adventure in NYC, and although it was not as exciting as visiting Time Square, but it was still a lot of fun.

The M&M World is right next to our hotel in Time Square, which was pretty cool.  And like every other part of NYC, it was PACKED with people.

Just look at the line near the register. P A C K E D!!!

There was a lot of M&M mascot merchandise there. A LOT.

This has been bothering me ever since I was there….why was there monkey? I know they’re wearing M&M shirts, but why monkey?

This is the proof of NYC! xD lady liberty!

My hotel is RIGHT THERE! (The big bright light words).

THE WORLD’S BIGGEST CHOCOLATE DISPENSER!!!  Look at those yummy chocolate~

Those are pillows~

After the M&M World we went shopping, and ate dinner.  The next day we woke up around 9am, and went to the bus station at 11am heading to Boston back to my nii-san’s house.

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  1. tab permalink
    December 31, 2009 2:45 am

    hahahaha looks insane XD kinda reminds me of hello kitty products (that there’s so many of them)

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