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Thoughts on Avatar

January 17, 2010

Just went and saw Avatar today with my sister after it has been out for more than a month.  It was shocking to see that the place were all full even though it has been in theater for so long.

My thoughts on the movie:

As an artist I think the graphics were just simply amazing.  You can tell where the future of cinema entertainment is heading.  The design for the creatures was awesome as well, the wolf like creature to the dragon were all really detailed and 21th century.

Story wise…It was great, probably a 9 out of 10 for me.  The reason why I didn’t give it a 100% is because when I left the theater I didn’t get the special feeling of satisfaction, it was like the movie was missing something important but minor.  That might just be me though.  It’s hard to explain in words.

Nonetheless this is probab… no, THIS IS THE best movie in the 21th century so far.  I am so glade that the writer decided to hold this script for 10 years to wait for the technology to advance, so he can make this magical world happen.

In case you were wondering if it is worth it to watch it in 3D, it was.

Unlike the 3D were we all once know, where you have to wear 2 different lenses, this doesn’t give you motion sickness or headache.  So for people who were thinking “oh, I can’t watch it in 3D ’cause I will throw up”, don’t worry you won’t.  I was them when in comes to 3D movies, but I DID NOT get sick or have any side effect at all, so it is all safe.

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  1. January 20, 2010 1:55 pm

    Long time no talk to! Honestly….I don’t know about it being the best man….I was gonna write a post about it, but didn’t feel like it. I might do a podcast later or something, but it was so predictable…so very predictable.

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