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Pandamen Epsiode One

February 12, 2010

Any of you remember the Pandamen super hero series that Jay Chou was planning on doing? Well, the first episode just came out in Taiwan a week or so ago.

Here is a quick summery on what the series is basically about.

Year 2030, in a dark corner of Bright City, lies a powerful evil force: Violent Group, headed by Tiger Brother & Wolf. Burning, killing, looting, they begin destroying the whole city, and also begin brewing a terrible secret plan: to control the human brain. At such a critical time, Bright City’s 2 super heroes ‘Panda Superman’ & ‘Panda Heroic’ take up the responsibility of protecting the citizens and restoring justice.

‘Panda Superman’s father was previously a very kind-hearted philanthropist, and organised many charity events. One day, someone kidnapped his little boy and ‘Panda Superman’s father rushed to save him, but unfortunately lost his own life. Hence, this little boy ‘Panda Superman’ used his father’s head, and a panda’s attitude as the spirit of his own future. After this incident, he would wear a panda outfit, and restore justice in the community. As for the other Pandaman – ‘Panda Heroic’ is a cleaner at the zoo, of course he is also very kind-hearted.

These 2 Pandamen are set out to protect the citizens of Bright City, and ultimately let good overcome evil!

-credit: Sarah @

I just finished the first episode and my thought on this series is…not that great.

The opening theme makes you feel like you are watching a bad animated video game clip, while some scenes where replaced by bad animation to try to make it more dramatic and funny… Which they fail either way.  The animated scene is just BAD! They should have just stick with real person acting instead of trying to smash random animated clip in!

The concept of the story feel like a smash up between batman and kamen rider.

Here is episode 1 part 1 in Taiwan and no Sub.

My rating for this series is 7/10.  It’s not great, not that bad, but not good.  It’s a C so a passing point.  I will keep in track with this series for you guys to let you know if it gets any better later or not.

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