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Tutorial: How to Make a Hei Mask from Darker than Black

February 20, 2010

I made this Tutorial a couples of days ago, and due to some personal reason (cause I remade the mask) I’m posting it a week or so late.

As the tittle stated, I will be showing you how I made my very first Hei mask for cosplay, except mine is more for fun than actual use.

First things first, here is the list of things you will need to make a Hei mask (or any kind of paper mask).

Some Newspaper.

Acrylic paints.  Get the colors of the mask that you’re making.

Balloons.  You will know why later.

Elmer’s Glue.


Sponge brush.

Gesso.  If you don’t know what gesso is, gesso is a special paint that artists paint on woods or other objects to make the color paints stay on better.  You can find this at your local art store.

Sanding paper.

Fixatif.  Make paints stay on the mask longer over years.

And last but not least, brushes.

So once you got everything on the top you can start making a Hei mask! Here is my Youtube Tutorial: How to Make a Hei Mask from Darker than Black.

I will have to be honest, I messed up a few times and ended up repaint/remaking/reshape the mask a few time so don’t worry if you mess up the first time.

Here is some failure.

I got the shape of this one wrong.

The left eye is bad.

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  1. DarkIceWolf permalink
    April 26, 2013 6:39 pm

    I want to use it for cosplaying Hei, but logicaly, I can’t see through the newspaper, so, how can I do de eyes with that black efect?
    (sorry the gramatical errors, I’m Brazilian and don’t use English too mutch yet

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