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June 16, 2010

It’s summer!!! Finally!!! No more finals! YA–HOO!!!

I am so glade that school is finally done and I can come back to posting on this blog regularly again.  I am sorry about my extreme lack of post this year.  Life has just been so busy with parent on my back wanting me to finish college “early”.

Some of my plans this summer include going back to Taiwan like I usually do, visit my friends in California, and maybe go visit my brother who live in Boston.  And as always I will be bring you guys with me through the power of internet!  I am currently thinking about doing video blogging while I’m in Taiwan, but I am not entirely sure yet.  However I will 100% be posting pictures like before though so don’t worry.

So my vacation starts with me and my family driving to California tomorrow morning.  I will be meeting one of my old body that I have known since middle school, but that is still a maybe since the main reason we are in California is to catch the plane to Taiwan in the San Francisco Airport.

Why do we go all the way over there when I live in Oregon you ask?  The reason is simple, We know people there so we have a better chance of getting on over there than here in Portland Oregon.  My family and I get cheap ticket, like 50% off, because of our dad who works as a pilot in China Airline.  However, in exchange of cheap ticket for traveling we have to wait till the last minute to see if there is any sit on the plane.  If there is we can get on, if not, we’ll just have to try the next one which is the next day for us.

Anyway~ I will be signing off now.  Next time I post will be when I can find an internet connection! So follow me on Twitter to get the newest update on my trip!

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