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Summer Adventure: San Francisco Westfield Mall

June 19, 2010

Day two of my adventure in the city of SF;  I hangout with my old friends Henry and Taby that I knew from high school.  We decided the day before that we are going to meet at 2pm in Powell station, which is the entrance to the Westfield San Francisco Mall located in downtown SF.  Throughout the day we walked around SF and hangout in a bookstore called Boarders’ children section…yes, the children section…

This is the inside of Westfield.

Westfield has 5 floors total and they recently just opened another building connecting the two together.

The top floor of Westfield!

The street of SF, crowdy as ever and full of asians as ever…

I see a misspell!

So which one are you?

I never really know what the heart is for…anyone here cares to enlightens me?

As we walked around we saw this art gallery where amateur artists sells their works.

…This piece is stunning…

After walking in the California sun for awhile we decided to go back into Westfield to chill at their bookstore call Boarders.

Henry lost himself in this place full off knowledge .

I knew Henry Tang since freshmen year of high school.  We never really talked back then since I thought he was strange.  It wasn’t until I moved to Oregon that we started talking online (MSN) and learned how much in common we have; mostly otaku stuff.  We became good friends ever since (^_^;)

The Zombie Combat Manual…could be useful in 2012.  Who else think the world might end in 2012?

We can already see Taby practicing her Zombie combat skill… *SHOO!*

I have been wondering this ever since I saw it in the bookstore.  What the heck is the difference in “Otaku Manga” and “Manga” ?

We literally spent an hour in the children’s section playing with this and puppets.

The day ended with a phone call from my family saying we have to leave to catch the plane to Taiwan.  Hanging out with Henry and Taby again was really enjoyable and I hope I can do this again sometime, which is possible if my super secret plan works.  But that will still have to wait awhile to find out.

This conclude my Summer Adventure in SF.  I just got off the plane from SF to Taiwan and is really tire, so I am going to take a rest and eat some food now.  The next post will be on my first “official day” in Taiwan so see you guys later!

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