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A Week in Taiwan

July 16, 2010

Ages ago I did a semi daily article called the Taiwan Daily Short Report whenever I’m in Taiwan, but after a consider amount of time think about how the blog is going I decided to give this segment a new start.  So, for a new beginning, I give you the start of A Week in Taiwan!

A Week in Taiwan will conclude photos I have taken over a period of time, most likely a week, that I have taken when I’m in Taiwan.

The highlight of this week is probably my visit to the Taipei 101 with my family.  I went to a variety of other places this week as well, but didn’t do anything that can be consider interesting, mostly just taking care of some business.

My family and I went straight to the food court afterward to grab some dinner.  We bought some bread, starbucks, and sushi.

The Bakery. (I was originally going to type bread shop, then notice how stupid I sounded…)

The shop was very nice for letting me take so many pictures.

Ending up not eating a lot since there wasn’t a lot of sushi I liked (cheap ones).

Browsing the food court.

Toy Land located unter Taipei 101’s mall.  Guess Transformers is still pretty popular in Taiwan.

This is the business lobby…so empty…behind me is a starbucks where businessmen and women chill to grab a cup of coffee.

Green tea frep and the red bean bread is mine.  Got that from the bakery above.

Those are net with feather to prevent little naughty children from falling and having a very bloody death…The net are pretty cool thought….

Where is the net ? (O_O;)

Taipei 101 at night! Wish I had my tripod with me to take this picture (TwT)

The center of Taipei, City Hall is right next to where I am standing.

Ps- Personally I think this is the CLEANEST street you can find in Taiwan…no offense but other streets in Taiwan look like shit.

That is a huge foot….

Those dogs aren’t dead, just saying. This guy was having all the dogs lying down, and asking for money since he cant afford taking care of them. The guy is really nice though, he rescued all these dogs from the death shelter.

All of these dogs are 6-10 years old, nice people nice people.

And this little guy is blinde.

Didn’t bring a tripod with me so I had to set the camera on the edge here to take this picture.  My favor picture I took this week (^_^;)

This is something you’ll never see in western countries…

If you like my photos please support my photography blog Kameraman Hiroshi.

And my Flickr.

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