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A Week in Taiwan 2

July 26, 2010

The week started with me leaving the country for a day since my 30 days stay limit in Taiwan was coming up.

If I leave Taiwan and come back in they will give me another 30 days to stay, and that is exactly what I am doing since I still need to wait for the Manga convention that is coming up on the 28th of July.

The place I picked for the fast visit is Hong Kong since it is close and the ticket was fairly cheap when I booked it.

The inside of Taiwan International Airport; after you pass departure where they check your passport and ticket this is where you will be at.

(The guy was looking at me in a very mean way …)

Heading to my gate.  The blue ceiling ahead is painted like an indoor sky.

These are the mascots for the up coming Taiwan Flower festival.

The plane I took that takes me to Hong Kong~

After I landed in Hong Kong I checked out of the immigration really fast and went to departure and check in again.  The whole process was fast so I didn’t get any chance to take any picture with my good camera.  I will post the picture I took over there on my cellphone in my next Twitter Cellphone Pic 2.

After I checked into the HK airport I went shopping for awhile since Hong Kong is known for their duty free shop.  Over there I bought a wide angle sigma 10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM lens for $600USD when it would cost around $900 everywhere else.

A more detail review on the lens.

This was taken with the wide angle lens when I was testing it in the shop.

The rest of the photos was taken with my new lens in Taipei when I was taking it for a test run.  The photos aren’t that good since they are a little blurry, which is probably caused by the high ISO and low lighting.

Remember those dogs from A Week in Taiwan 1 ?

Saw the movie Inception while I was there with my family.  This is the giant statue in the movie theater.

Guess the dogs are tire after playing around.

Besides my trip to Hong Kong and taking my lens for a spin I didn’t go outside at all this week.  I am currently resting for the Manga Convention that is coming up in 2 days! Will do a photo article on that later so please bare with it!

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