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Taiwan Summer 2010 Loot

August 7, 2010

This is just a normal loot post that shows off what I got in Taiwan during my 2 month stay here.  I already did a loot post many weeks ago called Taiwan First Loot! that contains what I got at Mokuri.

Here’s everything I got after that trip to Mokuri.

Before we start I would like to explain why I got so~ many things here when I come back every year since I never really explained it before.

Every year I would try to visit Taiwan at least once, and every time I’m here I would buy all the light novels, manga, and anime goodies that I wanted or are missing in my collection (like manga or light novel series.  some time I also start buying new series).   Most of the things I bought here are things that I couldn’t buy in America, either because they are too expensive or they simply don’t have them.

So now you know why, shall we start packing and look through some of my treasure?  Lets go~

Part 1 of Bakemonogatari the light novel.  This was just released this year at Comic Exhibition.

Ga-Rei volume 9-11.  Volume 12 (the ending volume) will have to wait till next year. (TT__TT)

Japanese grammar book in Chinese.  This is easier to understand for me since part of the Japanese grammar are similar to Chinese.

Dragon Crises Vol. 4-7.

I got Vol. 1-3 last year when I was at the Taiwan International Book Exhibition.

Here’s some illustration in the books done by Akata Itsuki, the official artist for Dragon Crisis and many other series.

Durarara Vol. 1-3.  The books gets thicker as it goes, kinda of like Harry Potter (^_^;).  The anime follows the light novel pretty well so you can basically tell what is going to happening if you saw the anime.  It was still fun reading it though since it has a different feeling to it.

Nurarihyon no Mago, a series that I just started because I saw the first few episodes of the anime that started this summer 2010.  That is what I say but 50% of the reason is because I think she is cute.

I like how the author drew all of the covers of the volumes so they can connect into a VERY long picture.

Fullmetal Alchemist 25.  Volume 26 is the ending I believe.

Naruto Vol. 50-51.  This series is getting WAY too long…END IT ALREADY!

Mayoi Neko Overrun Vol. 1.  The clear card thing comes with the manga.

Product Lighting book.

Megami August 2010.  Here are the posts that came in it.

Taiwan version of Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine that are translated into Chinese.  Cover art are done by VOFAN.  Same one who did the illustration for Bakemonogatari light novel.

Speaking of VOFAN, here’s the art book of all the Famitsu cover that he have drawn for the past 5 years.

Official artbook of Blazblue.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn box weapon toys that I got in one of those egg capsule machine thing.

Really detailed for $1.50 USD each.

It shoots out light beam that have the first and tenth’s Vongola box owners.  The orange one is for sky so it has Vongola Primo and Tsuna.

The vongola rings.  How many rings can you name?

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  1. August 8, 2010 1:09 pm

    very cool stash of stuff, seems you will need to make some time to read everything. i am not too familiar with vongola, but that seems to be some cool rings!

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