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What 4Chan’s Parent Think About Anime

August 14, 2010
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While browsing 4Chan the other day I found this interesting top on “what does your parents think about anime?”.  This especially grabbed my attention because I find it interesting how some parents watch anime with their kids, yet some talk sh*t about them.

In my family my dad just look at me funny but doesn’t really say a word.  My mom gets worries and sometime say things like “when are you going to grow up?” which I would normally answer “well, it is better than me going to night clubs all night long and buy drugs”, and that normally does the trick.

The ultimate problem I have is probably my older sister.  She was pretty fine with it a couple of years ago until she learned what the meaning of otaku is and what they are like from her friends and the internet (big shock right?).  Things pretty much went on an one way ride to “getting my interest insulted whenever she gets piss” paradise.

In the end I don’t really talks abut my interest with them anymore, and that is why my blog’s name is My Secret Otaku Life.  Since I don’t like to share my thought on my interest with other people.

Here are some of the answers from 4Chan.

“My parents couldn’t really care less. They know I watch anime, and I babble on about it to them sometimes, but they kind of tune me out.  My sister likes anime, though mainly shoujo since she’s 12 and all. I think her favorites are Ouran, Shugo Chara!, and Ojamajo Doremi.”

“Dad: “what is this? I don’t even… ”
Mom: “OH MY GOSH! What is that tentacle doing to that poor girl?””

“My dad will watch anime sometimes. Back in the day, he watched every episode of DBZ with us. Since we always had Yuyu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin on in the living room, my parents know a little bit about anime, and like it on several occasions. It’s not really a big deal or anything.

Granted they don’t know enough to discern from my regular series’ and my hentai on my HDD. That might worry them.”

“My parents are so-so about it. My mother likes the art style of animes from the 90’s, and my dad flat out doesn’t care.

My sixteen year old brother HATES anime though. The only series he ever watched was about 3 episodes of Lucky Star, because it was on my PSP at the time. And he somehow thinks that every last series is like that. He wouldn’t even give Berserk a try because he said he didn’t want to hear little girls talking about food.

Because that’s what Berserk is about, little girls talking about food.”

“My mom’s alright with it, she even bought me an anime tarot deck when she went off wiht one of her friends a while back. It was shoujo. exerythingwentbetterthanexpected.jpg
My dad grew up on westerns, so he doesn’t see what makes ‘those japanese cartoons’ better than the shit they show on tv these days. We’ll start arguing, I’ll bring up plot and how The Magnificent Seven is based on a japanese story.”

“It’s hard to tell with my mum. One moment she’s smugly patronizing about it and the next moment she’s perfectly fine about it.

I always refer to manga as ‘comics’ in the rare occasions it ever comes up. But she always emphasizes the Japanese-ness. For example I bought the first 6 volumes of Yotsuba& off ebay and they arrived a few days ago. She found the package first and told me that my ‘JAPANESE comics have arrived’. She thinks I’m obsessed with Japan. It’s a bit embarrassing really since I’m a /v/irgin at heart and my power level is pretty damn low, these Yotsuba volumes are the only manga I own besides volumes 1-9 of JJBA and they’re all dwarfed by the rest of the books on my bookshelf.

Brother was originally very insulting about it but has become far more tolerant within the past few years since his university roommates/best friends all like FMA and discuss it frequently.

Dad is awesome but very aloof so he doesn’t know and I doubt he would care.”

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  1. August 16, 2010 6:27 pm

    Interesting topic. As I didn’t get into this seriously until way later in life, My parents never saw much of this. Both my wife and son love the stuff, it has been easy sharing it with them.

    With that said, I don’t have any close friends and thus not sure their thoughts on it as they are miles away. I do have some co-workers into ther same things which is nice.

    My Mom has visited us and didn’t say anything odd about our collections. She is pretty cool about everything anyway. My Dad does’t visit much and is pretty much stuck in the 1950’s and would not really saqy much about it anyway.

  2. kashim40 permalink
    August 16, 2010 10:06 pm

    My parents don’t care about anime,, or me watching anime lol aha.. bcuz it does not do any damage to them and besides.. there is one harmful effect of anime to our family.. sleepless nights watching anime.. lol. makes my parents mad because I have school for tomorrow.

  3. Andrew permalink
    August 18, 2010 8:04 am

    hai… , my parents allow me watch but they want me to go socialise more and DUN BUY ANIME CHARACTER GOODS…!! and BRING A REAL GIRLFRIEND back..

  4. Gabriel Crespo permalink
    March 7, 2011 11:27 am

    i really love this the reason is that my mom doesnt like anime she thinks its the devils work and she thoght it turnrd me gay ..she really doesn’t understand anime not even yaoi i serously love anime ever since i was 11 i hope i become a manga artist but my family doesnt understand me they all say they do but dad doesnt care that i have anime at least thats good my two brothers dont really like anime just the ones they show on tv today i mean im gay nothing wrong with that l luvvvv anime,manga and yaoi japan can really make awsome things

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