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Too Little Cool Men, Too Much Cute Girls in Jump?

September 27, 2010

First things first, I would like you guys to know that the blog will be updating less for the next few month, but don’t worry this always happen when ever school starts for me.  I will still try to post regularly but that is most likely not gonna work out as I have tried many times.

Now that is out of the way today I would like to talk about what Jump Square said about this generation’s mangaka.

This is straight off of their Twitter account: (Info Via Sankakucomplex)

We’ve got a lot of followers who are looking to become mangaka, and there’s something I noticed about their works – I’d like to write a bit about what we’ve noticed.

It’s about art – there seem to be few people who can draw cool looking men. Especially their faces. People who can draw a man who looks cool to other men, with a sense of sex appeal. Are there no rookies about who can do that…


Looking at recent contributions, everyone can draw cute girls. But however you look at it they put no effort into men. I suspect those who can draw cool men will command the next era in manga (though this is an exaggeration). Keep trying!

Makes you wonder why this is happen right?  Specially with awesome (sarcasm warning!) anime like K-On, and Strike Witches.

The way I see it is there is way~ too much anime that focus on the girl and not the plot.  Of course there are also ones that is successful by having both like Highschool of the Dead (in my opinion).  However stuff like that is rare.  People who creates anime/manga right now, our last generation, should stop this bullcrap and start writing good story and not just creating new cute girls!  That is probably the only way to save the future of the anime/manga industry.

What do you think?

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