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サマーウォーズ Summer Wars Bluray

February 18, 2011

Yesterday after school I checked my mail box and found my pre-ordered Summer Wars Bluray has finally arrived from Amazon!  This is my first anime DVD/Bluray purchase in years and I am so excited to watch it again in HD!  When I first saw the fansubbed version, I immediately fell in loved with this movie. Everything about this movie is amazing.  A lot of people say this reminds them too much of the first Digimon movie, which is true, but I think Summer Wars has another flavor that the Digimon movie doesn’t have which is why I loves it so much.

The movie was released in Japan around 2009 and was just recently available on DVD and Bluray in the United States.  The dub and sub for the US version are done by Funimation, which I don’t hate or love ’cause I will be watching it with original Japanese audio with English sub.

The Story of Summer Wars:

Kenji Koiso (Ryunosuke Kamiki/Michael Sinterniklaas) is a young high school student with a gift in mathematics, working as a part-time moderator in the massive computer-simulated virtual reality world OZ along with his friend Takashi Sakuma (Takahiro Yokokawa/Todd Haberkorn). When Kenji’s friend Natsuki Shinohara (Nanami Sakuraba/Brina Palencia) offers him to participate in celebrating the 90th birthday of her great-grandmother, Sakae Jinnouchi (Sumiko Fuji/Pam Dougherty), Natsuki takes him to Sakae’s estate in UedaNagano Prefecture, and introduces Kenji as her fiancée.

Via Wiki.

Here is a quick review of the Bluray packaging of Summer Wars.

The backs of the Bluray.  I would also like to mention that the artwork on the front of the Bluray and DVD box are those pop out 3D art, I think those were a pretty nice touch they put on it.

Here is the inside of the box.  The first prints of the Bluray and DVD comes with 4 pieces of limited edition Avatar artwork from the movie.

These Avatar postcard thing are double sided.

A closer look at the disc itself.

The other side of the cover sheet.  (it can be a mini poster if you want)

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    so sweat


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