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Spring Break 2011 Taiwan

March 24, 2011

Hello people~  How are you all doing lately?  Good?  That is great! (ok, now the small talk is over time to get to my main topic)

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, which by the way you totally should since it will make me feel special, I have been in Taiwan for the past  few days since I am taking spring term (college) off as I prepare to transfer to a State University from a community college.

For most part I have been resting at home and correcting my jet lag, but today I finally decided to be some what productive and took my camera to do some street shoot while strolling around the city of Taipei.

These picture are taken on my Canon 450D with a Sigma wide angle lens.  Location is around Taipei 101 and the MRT underground shopping street for those of you who know their way around Taipei.

Even though most of the building in Taipei are skyscrapers, you’ll see see some places like this around.

In Taipei 101.

Got to take a break before heading to the MRT underground shopping street, and this mango smoothy is just the right thing to hit the spot (^_^)

Such a waste of empty space…. Perfect place for an anime convention or something! HAHAHA ;D

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  1. fey permalink
    September 30, 2013 2:44 pm

    looks really beautiful!

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