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King Kazuma Figma

April 25, 2011

The awesome King Kazuma figma by Max Factory and Good Smile Company.  I bought him at Taiwan for $1,100 TWN which is the equivalent of $38 USD.  At first I thought I have just bought a bootleg since King Kazuma goes around $60-100 USD in america, but after some careful research and checking the packaging I came to the conclusion that it is most likely a real one.  If anyone know anything about if there is any bootleg Kazuma going around please let me know.

Here is him in action from the big hit anime movie Summer Wars

He come with the Shinji squire avatar figure and a flag.

King Kazuma kick!!

As you can see some of the paint on the goggle is off.  Does anyone else suffer the same problem?

The Oz campion belt.

His shoes and gloves all have the Kazuma logo.

The paint on the ears are done nicely too, a little bit of the color are out of line but nothing too major that can be seen when it is on display.

Time to kick some Love Machine butt!

His angry face.

Look at that fluffy bunny tail~

He come with 2 faces.

Figma o81 King Kazuma gets a 9/10 with some paint job defects but overall a very nice figure of its prince.  I highly recommend it if you are a Summer Wars, and if you are not, still buy it since he is just a freaking amazing character.

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  1. ro2051 permalink
    June 14, 2011 10:13 am

    it looks very nice! Your post reminded me I still need to buy dvd of this movie~

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